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Since 2003 we started an important R&D program to adapt our activity to the market evolutions that we foresee.

In 4 years Game consulting invested most of its benefits to create a Full game Engine and tools suite allowing to develop games in PC and Macintosh platforms. The estimation of the total amount of this investment is more that 800 000 € . This Engine has been used already to create different games for various publishers.

We ported this technology, in the form of a 3D plugin, to be able to propose 'nextgen' quality products in a web browser window.

Game consulting is beneficiary of Local, National and European supports toward innovative projects.


This last years, the French Government increased his support to the local video game aindustry with several programs of projects support, R&D support...

Game Consulting managed to be part of those mechanisms, and has been entitled to several help programs/

  • Young and innovative Enterprise since 2007 (JEI)

  • beneficiary of 'Crédit d'impôt recherche' (R&D qualification, refund of state taxes)

  • Serious game Project (SE-SG) certified and financed (50%) by an European fund: FEDER

  • Serious game Project « Play and Cure » : certified by a state program of help (50%)


SE-SG: aims at building a framework/middleware for Serious Games.

Project collaboration with : KTM-Advance Lip6



Le projet SE-SG  est  cofinancé  par
l’Union européenne. L’Europe s’engage en île de France avec
le  Fonds  européen  de  développement  régional   »


Play & Cure

Play & Cure: aims at creating a Serious Game in Health field (Ministry call fund).

Physiolab, Game Consulting, Université de Rennes 1, Institut National des Télécommunications, Lip6