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Extreme Street Soccer


For his 1st attempt to enter in the world of animated TV series, Gameco is pround to announce that we won the award of the "Best TV Pilot" at the Pulchinella awards.

Gameco Took in charge the 3D modeling, textures, animation, rendering, editing and post production on this TV Pilot

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TV PilotExtreme street football
2011, France, 3'
Tecnique: 3D
Direction: Franck Michel
Sript: Franck Michel
Backgrounds: Frank Luis Marie
Animation: GameCo
Music: Norbert Gilbert
Distribution: Zodiak Rights
"Fantastic editing and pacing, Great character interaction.
Tapping into the real-world appeal of street football but taking it to a new level as only animation can.
This is entertaining work that spreads the positive values of sports - competition, cooperation and fair play."